Are pose titles important?

Actually, pose titles in teaching videos are very important. 

First, they help student -- particularly beginning students -- learn and remember poses. (Note, by the way, we show students the core pose name during class, to keep it simple, but when they review their performance later, we show the full pose name including variation.)

Second, they give you the ability to skip from pose to pose in the teaching video itself, even during class.

But they also do something else. They tell our system what, at a given point in time, a student should be doing. If we know that, then we can (silently and in the background) evaluate how closely their pose matches the typical version of that pose.  That lets us track their performance over time. 

So when you upload a teaching video, you must enter at least one pose title.  Though we recommend you mark as many of the poses in your teaching videos as  you can.  You only need to do it once, per teaching video. 

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