Who's behind PIVOT Yoga?

Our parent company is called TuringSense, Inc. and was founded in 2015 in Santa Clara, CA, which is nearly ground zero for Silicon Valley USA. 

Our founding team, elite-level athletes in tennis, taekwondo, and swimming, knew there had to be a better way to learn the complicated movement that's required in most athletic and even recreational activities.  

Motion capture technology offered trainees a potential breakthrough: the chance to see their movement on all sides of their body, in real time. But in its traditional, optical form (i.e., using a huge array of physical cameras), motion capture is affordable only to movie studios making blockbuster movies. Our founders' insight, as former hardware engineers, was that the expensive optical approach could be replaced with much less expensive digital technology without sacrificing accuracy or suffering the occlusion problems (dogs, furniture, plants in the way) that camera-based systems face.  And so PIVOT was born, and patented. Actually, multi-patented.

We found our way to yoga because we love it, many other people love it, and it's a great fit with our core technologies.  And we like to think that we've approached yoga in a new way, coming at it from the fundamental question of how to improve proprioception, the ability of students to understand where their bodies are in space.  Ballerinas have the luxury of being at the barre in rooms with mirrors on all four sides. But for the rest of us, there's PIVOT, which acts magic mirror on all sides (even overhead) to give you the feedback you need to learn.

TuringSense, Inc. is venture backed and privately funded.

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