How much does it cost?

PIVOT Yoga Teacher charges no monthly fee. Instead, we charge a 12% fee on your revenue through the platform, which we then use in large part to pay for your credit card payment processing costs. So if you teach 10 students in a month and charge them $10 each, you'd have gross revenue of $100, PIVOT Yoga would take $12, and you'd be left with $88. It couldn't be simpler. There are no other costs or charges, period. And no, we don't tack on fees to your students, either (we've seen some industry players start doing that).

This also works great if you want to get your feet wet.  Teach a class with a few students, charge them $1, and the cost to you would be pennies.  Twenty-four of them, in fact, or $0.24.  And we never charge you for the revenue split, we simply deduct it from what we owe you.

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