What makes On Demand classes unique?

Our On Demand classes, which work only if the student is wearing our PIVOT Yoga clothes, are unique in several ways:

  • Student Side by Side With Teacher.  We digitally insert a live avatar of the student's body so she can see herself practice alongside her teacher.  
  • Pose Analysis Mode.  The student can ask "How's This Look" at any point during the class, and be taken into a pose comparison mode where her avatar is superimposed on the teacher's reference avatar.  The system will then notice the most important differences between the student's pose and the reference pose, and point out precise adjustments to make, in the teacher's voice.
  • 3D Views.  In pose analysis mode, the student can call out and rotate the view of her pose (and the reference pose's), without leaving the mat.
  • Voice Control.  Easy to pause or resume the class without leaving the mat.
  • Internet access not required.  While internet is required to download the class, none is needed to actually run the class. So you can practice on that beach spot you've been eyeing! Or in the backyard, for that matter, which in a lot of houses is the only way to get some peace and quiet!

From a teacher's perspective, her teaching is embodied in the reference poses and in her voice, which is used to guide users through setup and alignment assists.

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