How do you teach on PIVOT Yoga?

There are two ways to teach on PIVOT Yoga. 

One is by developing on-demand classes with us. Making these types of classes require intensive film shoots in often cramped quarters with a big crew, a lot of editing after the shoot, and a lot of behind-the-scenes videos, photography, and data work. For the teacher, of course, these kinds of classes don't require daily involvement once the development process is over since the point of developing the class is to embody the teacher's teaching directly into the class.   It also so happens that during the pandemic it's been very difficult to shoot these kinds of classes.   So these opportunities are few and far between, at the moment, and in any case, they're limited to US-based teachers, for logistical reasons.

Fortunately, there's a second way to be involved. Essentially any teacher, anywhere, can teach on our platform by using our PIVOT Yoga Teacher tool to schedule, manage, analyze, and conduct our special Live classes. These opportunities are exciting because they give teachers unprecedented tools for communicating with and analyzing their students, both in real-time during the class and outside of class. And the setup is easy -- after a little training, you can be up and running on PIVOT Yoga in a matter of minutes.

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