Top tips for getting started

Here are some handy tips we find ourselves giving out to yogis when we do walkthroughs.  


  1. Make Easy Pose easier.  If you're having trouble being still enough during Easy Pose, which can be hard on some of us, there are some alternatives. First, try another pose.  In the lab, we've found that Savasana (Corpse Pose) is easier for some yogis, and we'd recommend you try that one first.  We recommend Easy Pose for a combination of factors which make it best overall, but if it's not working for you there's always Savasana.  You can, in theory, grab a chair and just sit in it, too. Whatever it takes to be still.
  2. Think zombie, not touchdown. In the Raise Arms section of calibration, we have seen some users raise their arms too high.  Follow the yellow figure exactly, and raise your arms to no more than shoulder height.
  3. Follow the yellow figure. Exactly. In Stand Still, and Left Leg and Right Leg, you need to follow the yellow figure exactly.  You need to match it not just for how far you move the body part, but also how FAST you move the body part. 


  1. Do NOT record your voice holding your phone in your hand. You need to record voice by putting the phone where it's going to be during your practice each day. 
  2. Speak conversationally. We've successfully tested voice commands by whispering 25 feet across a room.  Besides, who needs the stress of yelling at their phone?
  3. You can cheat a little. When the registration process asks you to get into plank pose in order to record a command, what we're after there is to get your voice pointed down at the mat and to stress it somewhat, so we can give the app an audio picture of how your voice will sound when you're in the middle of Plank or Child's Pose or Locust or Cobra, etc.  But if it's difficult to get into plank quickly, you can always just lean over and look down at the mat.
  4. Silence is golden. While voice input is pretty good, during a class, at recognizing your voice among other voices or other background noise, those same background sounds will torpedo your voice registration. So record your voice in the quietest room of the house -- or outside for that matter, if that's what it takes. 


  1. The stripes matter. If you're standing with your arms down at your sides, with the top of your palms facing out, then the stripe on your right leg and right arm should appear as a solid line to whoever is looking at your front (or in a mirror, say).  If, in that pose, you see dotted lines or no line at all, double check that your clothes aren't twisted.
  2. The clothes should be snug. If they're not, let us know and we'll get you a better size.  If the shirt is somewhat loose you can always use the included sash belt.
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