How long will the clothes last?

First off, remember that our clothes are covered by a generous two-year warranty.

We've designed the clothes so that they should last much, much longer that.

For example, our rechargeable batteries are designed to retain most of their charge for at least 500 charge cycles. Since you won't really need to charge them but once a week, that means the batteries in our clothes could last you as long as 10 years.  If and when they wear out, you'll return them to us so we can recycle them properly.

As for the clothes themselves, that also depends on how often you wash them (we assume once or so a week, with your regular laundry). Over time they will, like all yoga clothes, lose some of their elasticity, and wear thin in spots. But we expect them to last for years and years, unless for some reason you wash them every single day.   In that case, it might be wise to own a few sets of our clothes (just as you probably have more than one pair of yoga pants today).  We haven't yet added the ability to buy multiple sets of clothes to our website, but if you'd like to contact us and we'll be glad to help you.

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