What do the charging light colors mean?

  1. When charging your PIVOT Yoga clothes, the part where you connect the charging cable into the garment, when connected to a power source, will change colors depending on its state.
  • Solid RED just means the the clothes are starting up. If this lasts longer than a few seconds, you'll need to contact us.
  • Blinking RED means there could be a hardware problem. Contact us.
  • Blinking ORANGE means your garment is charging. It will continue to blink until fully charged, at which point it will turn green.
  • Solid GREEN.  This means your garment has reached 100% of its charging capacity.   

Generally speaking, always charge your clothes until they display GREEN, for best results.

By the way, if the clothes display no light at all when you plug them in, that's because

  1. They're not actually being charged. Make sure everything is truly plugged in, including at the wall outlet. Or
  2. It's actually possible that your clothes are asleep. Put them on, or simply move them around a little, to wake them up.  Our clothes have no power switch, so they automatically turn on when you start moving in them and turn off automatically after a lot of inactivity. 
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