Can't find the PIVOT Yoga network in Wi-Fi setttings

We treat your clothes like a Wi-Fi network. That is, they are listed as a network in the Wi-Fi Settings of your phone.  The network name will always be something like  "PIVOT Yoga XXXXXX", where the X's are replaced with a unique id for your clothes.  After you connect the first time, your phone should automatically recognize your clothes from there on out, just as it does with wi-fi networks around your house, like the one you use for internet access.

But what happens if you open up your Wi-Fi settings and don't see your clothes listed?  There could be several explanations.

First, try turning your Wi-Fi off and then on again. Every now and then a little digital kick in the tires helps.

If that doesn't work, the next most likely explanation is that that batteries on your clothes have completely run down. The easiest way to test this is to charge your clothes. If you insert the charging cable properly, and plug the charging unit into your wall socket, you should immediately a blinking orange light next to where you the plug goes into the clothes. That tells you the clothes are charging. If the light is green, that means the clothes are already fully charged.  

If you continue to have this problem even when the clothes are fully charged, then either your Wi-Fi environment is too crowded or you may have a hardware malfunction.  Contact us and we'll take it from there.

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