Tips for registering your voice

With PIVOT Yoga 1.6, voice registration is no longer required, strictly speaking.

That said, there are reasons you might want to do it. If PIVOT Yoga is not recognizing you, even though you've followed our suggestions in Voice Control Doesn't Seem to Be Working, then voice registration is a good idea. Also, if you have roommates or children in the house who delight in running through your yoga practice space and issuing voice commands (we've been there!), you might want to register your voice so that PIVOT Yoga only responds to you.

If you do it, here are some tips before you get started:

  • If at all possible, use an iPhone X or later.  Earlier iPhones can be very slow during voice registration, as it's very processor intensive.
  • Make sure that your microphone settings on your phone are enabled. On your iPhone, head to Settings>Privacy>Microphone and then toggle on PIVOT Yoga.
  • Make sure your phone's sound level is set to medium.  You can adjust that with the volume buttons on the side of the phone, or by visiting Settings>Sounds & Haptics>Ringers and Alerts. 
  • Record your command with the phone and you in the exact same positions that you both would be during a practice.  We generally recommend putting the phone on the ground or (even better) a small stand or book at the foot of your mat.  Whatever you do, don't hold the phone to your mouth during registration or re-recording. 
  • If you can connect your phone to a TV, do it, but only if you're going to do your class that way, too.  Voice commands work better when there's some distance between your phone (i.e. mic) and your TV (i.e. speaker.) See these instructions on how to connect to your TV.
  • You can speak normally.  Voice control is quite sensitive, we've tested it successfully from 20 feet in a normal tone of voice.  The last thing we want is for you to have to yell at your phone in order to get PIVOT Yoga to work!
  • Generally, be sure to follow the instructions given inside the app, to the letter.
  • At some point during voice registration, we'll ask you to say some words from pushup position. This is more important than you might think. That's because your voice changes slightly when it's under strain, and we want to capture what your voice sounds like when you're in the middle of Crow.  In the lab, we usually do pushup position on our knees or in a pinch just lean over, and that produces good results.
  • Finally, make sure to minimize all background noise during recording.  For properly-registered voices, the app can actually tolerate a fair bit of background noise during an actual class.  But during registration or re-recording, it needs silence in the background.   
  • Once you're recorded all the commands, you can always adjust any individual command.  Inside the PIVOT Yoga app, choose Account / Settings / Voice Commands and a list of all the commands will be displayed. Each command will be color coded to indicate how well it's being understood by PIVOT Yoga when you said it (in your last class).  Tap on any red-colored command to re-record it.
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