What is calibration?

Behind the scenes, our clothes and app are working together to present a virtual avatar of you on screen so you can see what your asanas look like. This technology is often referred to as motion capture, and Hollywood studios use it all the time to create special effects. You may not have thought that on-screen dinosaurs and yoga had much in common, but in a way they do, now!  

Every motion capture system strives to be accurate, and so must calibrate itself, the same as you might do with a scale in your bathroom, kitchen, or mailroom at the office.  For traditional motion capture systems, that process is complicated, painful, and usually requires a few experts on hand.   PIVOT Yoga's calibration process, on the other hand, just asks you to do a few yoga-like poses and we handle the rest. Many of our early users report that the calibration process, which takes a minute or two, is a helpful, relaxing way to transition from their daily routine into their practice.  

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