How does it work?

The first to understand about PIVOT Yoga is that it's a system with three important parts:

  • Clothes.  Our truly intelligent clothes are embedded with tiny sensors that can measure your slightest movements.  Yet they look and wash like ordinary high-end yoga clothes.
  • Teachers.  Our teachers practice many different kinds of yoga and lead you through the sequence, much as you might expect from any ordinary online video.  Like any other class, they point out where to breathe, how to transition, the internal dynamics of poses to focus on, and modifications.
  • App.  This is where the teaching from our teachers and the data from our clothes comes together, in real time.  We're able to create a digital avatar of your body.  This avatar may not look exactly like you, but the avatar moves like you do, and reflects exactly what you're doing in your practice. We then digitally insert your avatar into the teacher's online video class, so that the only two people in the class are you and your teacher.  And if that's not enough to wow you, you can also control the class with your voice. Ask the teacher to "Wait a Sec", and the class pauses. Ask her "How's This Look" and you'll get feedback on your pose, with specific instructions about what limb to move where.

There's really nothing like it.  

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