Why should I get PIVOT Yoga?

If you've ever wanted to practice yoga at home, or been frustrated by the lack of feedback in your home practice, then PIVOT Yoga is for you.

Home practice has so many advantages--it's convenient, economical, and for many of us is simply the only viable way to practice yoga given our crazy schedules.  And there's a wealth of home video instruction to choose from.  

But form matters.  It's by no means the only thing (or maybe even the most important thing) about yoga--after all, asana are the third limb of yoga, not all eight limbs! But many yogis would love to know more about their alignment, since form is so important to avoiding injury and fatigue, and unless you're enrolled in a teacher training by mail course, its very difficult to get alignment feedback without making it to a studio. And frankly, class sizes at many studios are so large there isn't much opportunity for alignment feedback anyway.  And while there is much activity going on inside a yoga pose, PIVOT Yoga, combined with our teachers, can at least help you what's going on with the outside of the pose.

So enter PIVOT Yoga. It's a happy medium where you get to practice at home and still get feedback.  We can even track the development of your form over time, pose by pose, so that you can reflect and even share what's happening in your practice.

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