What info do you store about me?

In our system, which includes data stored on your device and in our cloud, we do store some things that are essential to providing you the service. Mainly what we store is what we call "metadata" about your practice.  That is, we store the angles that each of your major limbs showed during the best moment of each pose, where "best" means closest to the teacher's pose.  This, for example, is how we enable the "Now & Then" feature inside the Performance part of the app. With it, you can literally look at your Warrior II has changed over time as your practice has deepened!

Beyond this, we store other metadata, like how often you've used the app and for how long, and what classes you use most often.  This helps us make PIVOT Yoga better for you.

Last, we store your email address, height, and a few other basic characteristics.  These are never shared with anyone unless needed to provide the service to you.  For example, like many companies we use Amazon Web Services to store our cloud data. 

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