Voice control doesn't seem to be working. What do I do?

If you're having trouble with PIVOT Yoga recognizing your voice, here are some some steps to take, in order of effectiveness:

  1. Make sure we can hear you. Set your phone volume to about 50%, speak at a medium volume level, and stand no father than 5 feet from the phone.  We have found through testing that if the phone is very loud, and you are far away and speaking quietly, then PIVOT simply can't hear you.  Truly loud background noise could be a culprit as well.
  2. Connect your phone to an external speaker, like a TV.   This is a very powerful way to make voice recognition essentially perfect, and it has the side benefit (if you connect to a TV) of giving you a much bigger screen for displaying your class.  See How to Connect to a TV.
  3. Register your voice with PIVOT Yoga.  Registering your voice will mean that no one else can issue voice commands to PIVOT Yoga.  And it can potentially improve PIVOT's voice performance, but only if you speak consistently, follow the registration instructions carefully, and record in the exact same room and sound environment that you'll be practicing in. See Tips for Registering Your Voice.
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