Voice control doesn't seem to be working. What do I do?

There are a few key steps to Voice Registration (a very important part of PIVOT Yoga setup). If your voice control doesn't seem to be working, it's that you experienced a bad registration session, which results in poor recognition. 

That's okay—you can easily re-record any particular command that PIVOT doesn't seem to be understanding well. Simply head in the app to the Account section, then choose Settings, then Voice Setup. Pick the command that's giving you trouble, and follow the key steps to Voice Registration below.

  1. Make sure that your microphone settings are enabled (Settings>Privacy>Microphone and then toggle on PIVOT Yoga). Then make sure that the sound level is set to medium (Settings>Sounds & Haptics>Ringers and Alerts). 
  2.  If you can connect your phone to a TV, you will get a big boost in voice command performance. Voice commands work better when there's some distance between your phone (i.e. mic) and your TV (i.e. speaker.) For instructions on how to connect the PIVOT Yoga app on your phone to your TV, see our help article located here.
  3. Very important: You must record your voice registration in the exact same position and location that you would assume when taking a class. Meaning, if you plan to have your phone located on a shelf while you practice a foot away, then you need to have that exact same setup during Voice Registration. For example, do not hold phone to your mouth during Voice Registration if you don't plan on holding your phone to your mouth during a class, as it will not work otherwise. 
  4. During Voice Registration, make sure to follow the instructions given by the PIVOT Yoga app to the letter. 
  5. Finally, make sure to minimize all background noise during Voice Registration. While Voice Reg can later tolerate a fair bit of background noise during an actual class*, it can't during initial setup. it must be silent. 

*Note: Before your first class, you must register your voice with the PIVOT Yoga app. 

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