What are the stripes on the clothes for?

The stripes on our clothes are not just decorative. They do several things at once:

First, they show you the correct orientation for the clothes.  You definitely want to avoid twisting the clothes as you put them on.  The solid part of the stripe on the clothes should face forward, away from you, and toward an imaginary viewer. You can see a diagram with tips about putting the clothes on here.

Second, and just as important, they help you orient yourself.  When you're watching your avatar as it's displayed on the screen, the display is necessarily mirrored -- that is, your right arm does not appear on the right side of the screen, as you look at it. This can get a little disorienting. So we always put identical stripes on your clothes AND on your avatar, to help you keep track of which limb is what.  It takes a little getting used to!

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