What are the stripes on the clothes for?

We love our stripes—and not purely for their flair. They were designed for very functional reasons, too.

First, think of the stripes as a guide to properly putting on and wearing your clothes. They tell you where your shirt sleeves and pant legs should be aligned so that the clothes can effectively calibrate. For this reason, you definitely want to avoid twisting the clothes as you put them on. For tips on how to put on your clothes, check out the diagram below. You can also find more details in our “How to put on your clothes” help article.

Second, the stripes help you orient yourself properly during each class. When you're watching your avatar as it's displayed on the screen, it’s like watching a mirrored image of yourself. This can get a little disorienting so we always put identical stripes on your clothes AND on your avatar, to help you keep track of which limb is what. It takes a little getting used to!

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