Calibration mistakes to avoid

The most important thing to understand about calibration is that you get out it what you put into it.

That is, the more closely you follow the instructions, the more accurate your avatar will be.  Some highlights at each step:

  • Easy Pose.  When we advise you to close your eyes and hold your breath, we do so because we've found that doing so helps most people be completely still. Tempting as it might be, talking out loud here (or even a few "om's") is probably not a good idea.
  • Stand Still.  We advise you to curl your knuckles under. That's actually quite important.  If you don't, your wrists may look a little unusual inside the class!
  • Raise Your Arms/Legs.  Follow the avatar on screen, both in terms of how fast the avatar goes and how far the avatar goes.  It's also important to keep the rest of your body still and only move the thing you're supposed to move.

Don't stress. If you don't do all this perfectly, it won't be the end of the world and you'll still be able to use PIVOT Yoga. But if you can follow these tips, you'll certainly get the best results. After all, alignment feedback often comes down to inches!

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