Can I turn off my camera?

We understand that not everybody is comfortable showing themselves (or their home) on camera to a teacher (and, briefly, other students). 

That said, our Live classes are really about providing detailed form feedback to each student.  Our teachers simply can't do that without being able to see you, so we require that students enable the camera (and microphone) on their phones.  There's also a lot of community benefits from everybody in the class committing to it in the exact same way.

If you'd be more comfortable with a class where you don't get feedback (or where, we suppose, only other students receive feedback), we hear you and are happy to recommend a number of teachers teaching traditional online classes over Zoom where auditing a class with the camera off might be possible.

By the way, if you wear our PIVOT Yoga clothes, the teacher can see your avatar, which not only addresses some of the concerns you might have showing your home or yourself to a camera, but also gives the teacher a perfect (actually, more than perfect) view of your form, in real time.

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