How are Live classes different from On Demand classes?

On Demand classes, which require PIVOT Yoga clothes, can be used anytime, and we automagically place a live avatar of your body inside a pre-recorded video alongside the teacher.  Form feedback happens when you ask How's This Look, and we compare your form to a reference pose laid down by the teacher at the time that we created the class.  There's only one person inside the class:  you.

By contrast, a Live class is hosted and run by a real live teacher  (using our amazing PIVOT Yoga Teacher software) and may include as many as 16 students (though we like to keep class sizes small).  Form feedback that you get in one of our Live classes is directly from your teacher, either verbally or sometimes in the form of little digital encouragements that she can send. This feedback may well be accompanied by screenshots or annotations that the teacher has created for your benefit.   But it's all between you, the teacher, and the other students.  Live classes also don't require our PIVOT Yoga clothes.

If you're looking for community, or the excitement of live detailed feedback from a real teacher, and find the posted class times convenient, then Live classes are for you.   If you practice at other times, don't want to be tied to having internet access, or simply prefer practicing solo, then On Demand will make the most sense for you, and you'll need to get yourself some PIVOT Yoga clothes.

We're here for you either way.  And you can always do both!  Indeed, if you have our PIVOT Yoga clothes on during a live class, the teacher can see, live, all fives sides of your pose (front, back, left side, right side, and overhead!), which makes for even more detailed form feedback.

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