Video: Calibration Step 1 (Easy Pose)

The first part of Calibration asks you to be still, using Easy Pose.  In testing, we've found that Easy Pose is the easiest way for most people, on average, to maintain perfect stillness for the 15 seconds or so you'll need.  That can be hard on some of us, so thankfully there are some alternatives.

  • First, try Savasana instead of Easy Pose.  While Calibration tells you to sit in Easy Pose, the main point is just to be still.  If Easy Pose doesn't work for you, we've found that Savasana (Corpse Pose) is easier for some yogis.
  • If that doesn't work, grab a chair, particularly one with arms.  Place it over your mat, and sit in it.  Then when you pass the Easy Pose step, move the chair away and resume the rest of Calibration.

See Easy Pose in action below.

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